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United Nations FABLE

For my internship with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network I was tasked with creating the branding for the FABLE Consortium.

The Food Agriculture Biodiversity Land-Use and Energy (FABLE) Consortium desired their own brand to set them apart from the FOLU Coalition including their own established logo, font palette, color palette, brand guidelines, mobile and desktop interface etc.

The Process

Phase I: Logo Iterations

In this phase I created a few logo iterations that matched the color palette and style of the FOLU Coalition to better understand how relative/distant FABLE wanted to remain to their parent coalition.

This is where I also started to introduce new typefaces alongside the logo. With FABLE's previous scientific publications, work, and blogs

in mind, I wanted to pick out typefaces that were similar to the type previously used to create a

sense of cohesiveness between the old content

and the new.

Phase II: Color Exploration

After presenting the above logos and typefaces, the team established their font palette but wanted to explore colors that remained similar in terms of nature and green but more vibrant.

In this phase I created a few more logo variations, cleaned some of them up, as well as establishing a few diverse but vibrant color palettes. The team voted on which logo they liked best, so I also created numerous variations of said logo with the new color palettes to get a better idea and feel of

each option.

Phase III: Brand Guidelines

While establishing the brand's logo and typeface, I was also in the process of mapping out FABLE's new website and started developing the official FABLE Brand Guidelines. 

These guidelines represent FABLE as a whole entity. It establishes the brand's logos, placement of the logo, color palette, color usage, font palette, imagery etc. It provides direction for all publications, work, and design for FABLE. 

Phase IV: Site Development

While establishing the brand's logo and typeface, I was also in the process of mapping out FABLE's new website. 

I started with creating low fidelity wireframes for both mobile and desktop application. After the team established their color palette, I was able to create various high fidelity compositions of their new website. I created two different themes for the team to choose from (one lighter and one darker) using the new established color and font palettes. 

Mobile High Fidelity Comps

Desktop High Fidelity Comps

Final Process Book

This process book encapsulates the phases discussed above altogether.

The softwares used throughout this process include Adobe Creative Suites (Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Photoshop etc.) Figma, Miro, Notion, Atom, and GitHub.

Logo in use

The new logo I created for FABLE on their most recent report!

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