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Movements is comprised of three essays, The World of Wrestling by Roland Barthes, The Ballet by Jean Sorabella, and Moment and Movement in Art by E.H. Gombrich.

Movements captures the elements of motion and how they work together to create works of art across various mediums, while also expanding the boundaries of what is considered to be art.


This project emphasizes the importance of typographic hierarchy, padding, spacing, and weight, as well as its relationship to image.

While each essay focused on a different topic, it was necessary to connect them through the elements stated above which results in a cohesive work of art.



Each letter is carefully arranged and sized on each spread to create a balance of movement, spontaneity, while also maintaining readability.  

It was important to not only connect the common element of movement through the text and images, but to also incorporate movement through typography.



I also created a newsprint variation, extending the visual language of the book onto a differing print medium. The newsprint contains one of the three essays in the book, "Moment and Movement in Art" by E.H. Gombrich.


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