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Cannabaceae is a cannabis botanical guide that provides a source of accurate introductory information/education on the Cannabis plant with the support of scientific illustrations, diagrams, and infographics. 

Due to recent legality changes in status amongst numerous states in the US, a progressive reform in education on the topic is necessary in order to reintroduce cannabis as a healthy medicinal alternative, without carrying over years of stigmatization, misinformation, and fear.



Process Book

The Cannabaceae Process Book follows the steps taken to reach the desired end product. It follows both the digital and print elements that encapsulate the entirety of this project.


The plan for this project from the start was to create a digital botanical guide that is readily available and easily accessible.

Later on in the process I created supportive print work to showcase and introduce the digital portion of the project.

After extensive research, and understanding the controversy surrounding the topic, I wanted to create a guide that did not resemble the stigmatized branding that is commonly used for this subject matter.

All information included in this project is derived from credible scientific sources and databases. I also found that people respond better to illustrations than images of the plant, which led me to illustrate the entire project.

The lack of color provides a sense of calm and cleanliness, making the information much easier to digest as well as credible.


Figma High Fidelity Comps

Print Work

After completing most of my high fidelity compositions, I felt it necessary to add supportive print work that served as introductory material to the final digital guide.

I created a foldable diagram, poster, and small flyers, and booklet for the final project.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 4.00.39 PM.png
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